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  1. Hi little friend, jump on our raft, and swim to the colorful island full of adventures with our kind Pirates. It's Loulou, Kiki, Pati and YĂŠ-YĂŠ who will present you a world full of unforgettable memories. Our jolly pirates will show you how fierce volcanoes smoke, how to run fast so as not to be pinched by a crab, and where on the island you can find the most beautiful humming shell. In the shade of green palms they will find some time to tell you about their adventures and work with you to go and find the hidden, magical treasure. Drop the anchor and stay with us for longer - in a world of fantasy, joy of discovery and great fun with friends.
  2. In our collection JOYEUX SAFARI you will get to know African animals and find out the meaning of true friendship. Why? Because best friends are the ones on which you can count on in every situation. Day-to-day , giraffes, elephants, lions and toucan play happily, but when one of them needs some support, no one hesitates to assist. A little elephant takes care of animals to cool them from the hot African sun with life-giving water which is easily transported in his trunk. Brave lion cares for food for all the animals. Giraffes pull off the best leaves of tall trees for their companion elephant, and a cheerful toucan flies all around and entertains them with interesting stories. You can always count on such friends, they shall also ensure your safe and colorful dream.
  3. Ahoy Sailors, Ahoy Holidays! The MATELOTS collection is created for you, my little sailor boy. This collection will settle your baby to sleep moving them into a world of coastal landscapes where the sound of waves and flapping seagulls becomes a natural lullaby that softens emotions after an eventful day filled with carefree fun. The stripes in the MATELOTS collection are a combination of timeless classics and sporting elegance. Products in this collection are above all contrasting combination of white and navy blue. Thanks to scientific research, we understand which color combinations appeal to newborns and easily catch their attention. The MATELOTS - for some it is a collection that will help their child learn about a new and beautiful world, for others, it will be a symbol that recalls memories of seaside holidays ... Just choose something for you from Lapinoo collection.
  4. Do you like dancing and music? Through the collection of cheerful Lapinoo BALLERINES you can make friends with cheerful Emma, ??beautiful CĂŠline and headstrong Laure - three friends who love having fun together. All of them enjoy the moments they spend together in ballet classes. They practice, play and fully enjoy their time of carefree childhood. We invite you to the world of dancing friends, colorful bows, delicate jumps and tutu skirts... Lapinoo shows you the world of pleasure and fun, where dancing and jumping are just a gateway to learning about friendship that develops within us and helps us in understanding the world around us. Finally, the evening leads us to a land full of colorful dreams. Let your baby's fantasy world of ballerinas revolve with Lapinoo BALLERINES.
  5. You can feel love is in the air with Lapinoo! Discover a world full of positive emotions : attention, joy and softness when creating a safe haven for your little bundle of joy. Listen to the music of nature, all around us, the music of love - the feelings that become the essential foundation in the life of each child / each of us . The swirling and colorful world is just above us. Birds gently flapping wings bringing with them the magic song of love, bees welcome your children with their beautiful smiles and butterflies lull us with a gentle dance so that the sleep of our children is calm. Feel the power of love and joyful sensations inspired by watching and listening to nature. 
  6. Do you know what surprises are hiding in the magical underwater world? Out there in the deep blue sea, life unfolds like ours. Everyone finds his place in this underwater universe. Crustaceans are cheerful; small and large fish are friends they have fun together and play tricks on one another, The underwater world shows your child that everyone is different - kind, gentle whales like to follow their own ways; octopi live at the bottom of the sea but do not know how to swim very well; hidden in their shells crabs know how to be sensitive and tender; biting jellyfish laugh; seahorses laugh, gently rocking their young, calmly and softly. Always be yourself because we are exceptional?
  7. Our warmth + Your Love = Your Child's Healthy Dreams Explore a collection of Lapinoo quilts!