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  • We operate coherently and harmoniously

    Our actions both on the project and in the production process always aim to please the children. Our products are not just pleasant to the touch, but also joyful and full of fantasy to entertain and develop your children.

  • Children are most important for us

    By creating Lapinoo products, we think about their safety, about how to make their dream calm and healthy, and each new day joyful and full of beautiful impressions of exploring the world around them.

  • We are constantly improving the quality of our products

    We believe that the really good quality of products is worth to work on every day. And this is what we are doing – every day thinking how we can improve our products for you.

  • We take care of every detail

    The look and safety of our products are equally important for us. We aim for the high quality of textile as well as all the decorating accessories like buttons made of real pearl. Our products are hand-made in the European Union.

  • Lapinoo means children

    Children and their world is the most important for us. We create Lapinoo to stimulate children’s imagination, teach and play. Our projects were created with love to our children, from the inspiration they give us out of the fun and joy of being with them every day. Looking at them developing, we get to know their needs better, and we know that children’s imagination has been unfolding from the moment of birth. Lapinoo formed a collection of original projects invented with children and for children. Explore the world of friendly and colorful PIRATES, courageous and gentle animals of the African SAFARI, and more friends.

  • Lapinoo means touch

    A child learns the sense of touch immediately after birth, and it starts to form as early as in the 8th week of fetal life. Lapinoo has created products to help a child develop the sense of touch.We need touch for good mental and physical well-being. Gentle, pleasant to the touch.

  • Lapinoo means warmth

    Our products are created to make the world around friendly and hearty to our Children. And to give them a sense of security and warmth that they had in mum’s belly.

  • Lapinoo means quality

    When we were creating Lapinoo we cared primarily to use high-quality, specially selected fabrics and accessories. High quality is our guideline to provide you the best products. We want you to choose Lapinoo also for this reason. To create our products we use in particular: bamboo, organic cotton, bamboo velour, high-quality woven cotton, nacre, coconut.

  • Lapinoo means solicitude

    Our concern about your child. When you find out you are going to be parents, a seed of care about this little being who even in the mother’s belly is already with you each and every day is planted in you. For the sake of your child’s first contact with the surrounding world we have created safe products with high quality fabrics. We’d like to help you to welcome this special guest just as beautifully as it is possible. Welcome your baby with Lapinoo.